HER Story

HER Story is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote and trigger personal and socio-professional development for young women through storytelling. We explore the power of storytelling and creativity in a well-intended community.

Our activities are open to women creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, socially-involved minds, active individuals particularly  women from minoritized groups who bear stories that need to be told and represented in a context where the inequalities that affect them are not decreasing.

HER Story encompasses

  • Sɛbɛnni Ni Taama: a digital platform and a community which encompasses a blog and a podcast. Its mission is to promote young women personal and social growth through storytelling
  • A mentoring programme with regular community events to trigger professional growth
  • A wellness and health programme with tailored workshops with experts to trigger personal growth
  • Both of these programmes are designed as training programme

“We are leaning to name ourselves, our distinctions, and solidarities…developing enough of a common dream language that we can be that much more explicit about the real futures we are shaping into existence.”

– Adrienne maree brown
Author and woman’s rights activist

What is Storytelling?

The art of sharing a story, your story, our stories. The art of being creative with those narratives. The art of externalising and deconstructing narratives. Stories strengthen our bonds to ourselves and to one another. Stories empower us, comfort us and deepen our sense of compassion and connection.

HER Story is a creative space where we build communities around the narratives of women. We believe that sharing our stories matter. It promotes self-awareness and self-knowledge. What is more, personal intimate stories enable to inspire each other to take the necessary steps to thrive in our own lives. You do not have to be a good writer or speaker, expressing yourself through storytelling can take many forms such as painting, pottery, music or cooking, the possibilities are endless.


Why sharing our stories matter?

Connection ◦ Authenticity ◦ Raising awareness

It matters for we can inspire and start showing up for one another. We can invite others, create a welcoming and warm community, built on connection and authenticity